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Its business includes not only the manufacture of products, but also the design and manufacture of the actual tools that are used to mould the various parts. ‘Rapid advances in Camera and CCTV technology have left the supporting physical infrastructure, including the enclosures, in what seems like the dark ages’, says a company spokesperson. Most installers must grapple with general purpose electrical boxes in an attempt to create a mounting or connection setup that is respectable’. Allbro says it has solved this problem with the launch of the very first camera enclosure of its kind. Designed and made in South Africa, the product is patented worldwide and addresses the unique challenges of this application in a manner that has never been done before. Upon first seeing the company’s new Camera Nest it becomes difficult to even call the new invention a camera box. The first major difference is the way that the installer works with the box. A small mounting bracket is easily installed with two screws. The camera is mounted to the Camera Nest and then the entire assembly is mounted to the bracket with one screw. The open connection housing on the side is now available for cabling and also for testing with the camera in place. This has many advantages, but the primary one is that a test harness can be used to align the camera as the leads remain accessible. Camera Nest is not made from ordinary plastic. Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is the material of choice that Allbro has been using for 40 years. This resin-based fiberglass material lasts for decades in direct exposure and will last for multiple generations of cameras. The ingress protection (IP) level of the enclosure is IP66 which means that it will keep dust and water out. The way that the unit is mounted means that this IP level is not compromised when mounting the screws. The company believes that the concept is a breakthrough idea that will forever change the way cameras are installed.

camera nest


camera nest2


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PSO1 – Stealth
Whilst Camera Nest is the latest arrival for Allbro, the product is only one of a host of new innovations that  Allbro has brought to the market over the past 40 years. Allbro is in almost every South African home with their outdoor weather-proof socket boxes known by the trade as PSO1 and PSO2. A few months back, Allbro launched the PSO1- Stealth. Whilst the product serves the same function as its famous predecessor, it has dramatically improved performance and design. The same durable GRP material is used in the construction so the expected lifespan of this new range of product will also be measured in decades. One of the most appreciated features of the new socket outlet box is that it is designed to be installed into the wall.



second stealth


last stealth


cropped stealth


“Allbro is one of the companies in South Africa that is proving world- class innovation and manufacturing is still very much alive in SA.”

Slab Box
Launched early in 2018, the new Slab Box by Allbro is the first new product to be introduced for this application since the inception of downlighters. The old method of using traditional galvanized steel boxes has never changed and the contractor community has found ways to adjust for the alignment and installation challenges that came with installing downlighters in poured concrete slabs. Allbro says it has solved this problem. The new concept uses the same GRP material as the other products but for a different reason. Obviously, these boxes are not exposed to UV sunlight. They are, however, exposed to vast temperature range fluctuations as they house a variety of LED lamps. GRP does not burn or melt like normal plastic and is also safe for use in electrical installations where a faulty cable connection can create temperatures much higher than any LED lamp ever could.





slab box-1


led lamp


“Stand Up” Pool Box
A challenge that every pool owner is familiar with is the setting of the pool timer. While the complexity of the timer device is well within the grasp of a technology savvy populace, the difficulty in making eye contact with the timer is the main challenge. Allbro has solved this problem with the Stand-up pool box,’ says the spokesperson. 


On-site manufacture
Allbro compounds its GRP material on-site and the enhanced development of the characteristics of this material is a core achievement of the company. More than 70% of what the company invents and does today has come about in the last six years, so the focus on innovation is proven. The company continues to invest a tremendous amount of its resources in making things to address what is often a challenging environment. These solutions are being recognised in more and more countries around the world. Allbro is one of the companies in South Africa that is proving that world- class innovation and manufacturing is still very much alive in SA.

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Gareth Griffiths (BSc, Mat Sci)