Pressure Relief Valves

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Code: 021-200021-201021-211-70-XB
021-200T50 Pressure Relief Valve
021-201T80 Pressure Relief Valve
021-211-70-XBT80 Pressure Relief Valve S/Steel
ALLBRO "T" valves are used to control pressures inside tanks. They are used where accidental, instantaneous and uncontrolled increases in pressure may create the danger of explosion. They are designed to discharge the pressure increases that have taken place to the exterior in a very short time period (a few thousandths of a second). They are widely used in the metal tanks of oil-cooled electric transformers. Sudden and violent short circuits inside these tanks, in fact, instantly generate an enormous amount of gas with a great increase in interior pressures. If the pressure cannot discharge to the exterior there is danger that the transformer may explode, with all the possible harm and damages this may cause. This danger can be prevented by installing one or more valves with discharge sizes proportional to the volume of oil contained in the transformer. It is always good practice to install these valves in all situation where internal pressure values most not exceed specific safety limits.
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