Allbrox® Enclosure Orange

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Code: ALL-003/OALL-004/OALL-004/D/OALL-005/OALL-006/OALL-006/D/OALL-006_5-L/OALL-006_5-P/OALL-006_5-P/D/OALL-006_5-L/D/OALL-007_1/OALL-007_1/O-LALL-008/OALL-008-L/O
ALL-003/OAllbrox 3 with SMC Device plate350x250x200
ALL-004/OAllbrox 4 with SMC Device plate400x300x200
ALL-004/D/OAllbrox 4 Deep with SMC Device Plate400x300x280
ALL-005/OAllbrox 5 with SMC Device plate500x350x200
ALL-006/OAllbrox 6 with SMC Device plate600x400x200
ALL-006/D/OAllbrox 6 Deep with SMC Device Plate600x400x250
ALL-006_5-L/OAllbrox 6.5 Landscape with SMC Device Plate500x700x246
ALL-006_5-P/OAllbrox 6.5 Portrait with SMC Device Plate700x500x246
ALL-006_5-P/D/OAllbrox 6.5 Deep Orange Portrait700X500X366
ALL-006_5-L/D/OAllbrox 6.5 Deep Orange Landscape500X700X366
ALL-007_1/OAllbrox 7.1 Portrait with SMC Device plate828x710x287
ALL-007_1/O-LAllbrox 7.1 Landscape with SMC Device plate710x828x287
ALL-008/OAllbrox 8 Portrait with SMC Device plate1000x800x320
ALL-008-L/OAllbrox 8 Landscape SMC Device plate800x1000x320
The most advanced range of industrial enclosures in the world. The Allbrox® is an extremely versatile range of electrical enclosures, suitable for harsh and challenging conditions. It has been used to house control systems in mining, refrigeration, security, and more. The Allbrox® is flame retardant, chemically resistant, non-conductive, and weatherproof for added durability. The Allbrox® range comes with a variety of accessories to seamlessly integrate with your project. Available with a polycarbonate window and in multiple sizes. Speak to our sales department about customising the enclosure for your application.
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • IK10 strength
  • 25+ year UV life for longevity
  • Multi-angled mounting brackets
  • Can be fitted with a Distribution Board
  • House control systems and switches for mining, refrigeration, security, factories, and more
  • Mount PTZ CCTV cameras for monitoring
  • House fibre, termination, and field switches for network cabling to CCTV security systems
  • Customised busbar enclosure
  • Combiner box housing for residential and commercial solar installations
  • Energizer and backup power housing for electric fences, CCTV systems, solar, IOT systems, etc.
  • House distribution boards for AC and DC solar systems
  • House monitoring equipment for mining, agriculture, marketing, security, water treatment plants, and more
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