Allbrox® Distribution Board Kit Only

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Code: ALL-004/DBK-AALL-005/DBK-AALL-006/DBK-A
ALL-004/DBK-AAllbrox 4 Distribution Board Kit Assembled
ALL-005/DBK-AAllbrox 5 Distribution Board Kit Assembled
ALL-006/DBK-AAllbrox 6 Distribution Board Kit Assembled
This distribution board kit is designed to be housed in Allbrox® enclosures. The Allbrox® range is the most advanced range of industrial enclosures in the world. The Allbrox® is flame retardant, chemically resistant, non-conductive, and weatherproof for added durability. The Allbrox® is an extremely versatile range of electrical enclosures, suitable for harsh and challenging conditions.
Please note: these part numbers are for the distribution board kit only and do not include the Allbrox® enclosure, which must be ordered separately.
The DB kit can be installed inside the Allbrox® by Allbro technicians.

Can accommodate the following number of MCB’s:
  • ALL-004/DBK-A: 20
  • ALL-005/DBK-A: 39
  • ALL-006/DBK-A: 60
  • Residential and commercial power systems for AC and DC, grid-powered and solar-powered.
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