Battery Busbar Box

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Code: 060-552060-553060-554060-687060-658
060-55210-Hole Battery Busbar Box160x260x95
060-55315-Hole Battery Busbar Box160x360x95
060-55423-Hole Battery Busbar Box160x560x95
060-6875-Hole Battery Busbar Box160x160x95
060-6582x10-Hole Battery Busbar Box250x260x95
The Battery Busbar Box range ticks all the boxes for electrical installations. It’s completely waterproof with an IP68 rating and strong enough to handle all kinds of weather. The box is non-conductive and flame-retardant, which makes it ideal for solar where the risk of DC arcs increases. GRP material is rust-free with a 25+ year UV life for long term performance.
  • Max rating 600A (calculated at 2A/mm2)
  • M8 holes drilled and taped 24mm apart

Included in the box:
  • M8 12mm stainless steel bolts
  • M8 stainless steel spring washers
  • M8 stainless steel flat washer
  • 1 x Drilling template
  • High-current solar DC busbar system
  • Grid-tied electrical systems
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