ALL-DB Distribution Board

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Code: 040-980040-968040-984040-985040-798040-967040-799040-919040-966040-974
040-9808 Way Surface Din Plastic Flap216x266x111
040-9688 Way Flush Din Plastic Flap216x266x111
040-9848 Way Surface Samite Plastic Flap216x266x111
040-9858 Way Flush Samite Plastic Flap216x266x111
040-79813 Way Surface Din ADB Plastic Flap230x349x102
040-96713 Way Flush Din ADB Plastic Flap230x349x102
040-79913 Way Surface Samite ADB Plastic Flap230x349x102
040-91913 Way Flush Samite ADB Plastic Flap230x349x102
040-96626 Way Surface Din ADB Plastic Flap411x358x104
040-97426 Way Surface Samite ADB Plastic Flap411x358x104
A ground-breaking innovation that is set to transform the landscape of home power distribution. The ALL-DB range is made from Glass Reinforced Polyester, with superior insulation and flame-resistant properties, making it the preferred material for increased electrical safety and solar energy systems. The streamlined design has a minimal depth, making it perfect for retrofitting in solar upgrades. The elegant cable entry system at the backplane eliminates the hassle of looping cables at varying distances from the wall. This ensures tidy installation and enhances the visual appeal of home power setups.
Distribution boards for both AC and DC solar electrical installations. Can be used as a combiner housing for retrofit solar installations on existing electrical systems, when converting to renewable energy.
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