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The ultimate security solution for electrical and telecommunications equipment. Experience learned while pioneering composite manhole chamber design allowed Allbro to create The AllVault™ composite enclosure. The AllVault™ is made from SMC, which gives it exceptional durability and strength. Keep your electrical components safe from tampering, vandalism, and theft.

  • IP68
  • IK10+++
  • Non-conductive
  • Rust-free


An innovative range of pole-top metering and distribution enclosures. The AllTilt® range was designed to navigate common challenges on-the-ground in deployment. With a built-in door stay to keep the enclosure open while technicians carry out their work, the AllTilt® range is made from GRP for increased lifespan. The strong construction keeps the components secure from tampering and harsh weather.


A ground-breaking innovation that is set to transform the landscape of home power distribution. The ALL-DB range is made from Glass Reinforced Polyester, with superior insulation and flame-resistant properties, making it the preferred material for increased electrical safety and solar energy systems. The streamlined design has a minimal depth, making it perfect for retrofitting in solar upgrades. The elegant cable entry system at the backplane eliminates the hassle of looping cables at varying distances from the wall. This ensures tidy installation and enhances the visual appeal of home power setups.


The most advanced range of industrial enclosures in the world. The Allbrox® is an extremely versatile range of electrical enclosures, suitable for harsh and challenging conditions. Applications include:

  • Security: PTZ Camera housing, energiser housing, network cabling
  • Solar: inverter housing, battery housing, combiner box, large busbar installations
  • Control systems in mining, refrigeration, security, and more.

The Allbrox® is flame retardant, chemically resistant, non-conductive, and weatherproof for added durability. The Allbrox® range comes with a variety of accessories to seamlessly integrate with your project.

smartlock dudc

Manhole Chambers

The Dry Underground Distribution Chamber (DUDC) is a pre-kitted solution for fibre distribution, designed for underground deployment to improve security and lower installation costs. The DUDC provides a completely dry chamber environment, with full access management and monitoring of the internal environment of the chamber.

The RHI-NODE range of fibre management housings for the telecommunication and utility sectors is now arguably the most advanced offering of its kind in the world. Offering an immediate 20% reduction in initial installation costs for new infrastructure, the RHI-NODE RANGE compounds savings over time thanks to the improved life expectancy and network scalability. These manholes offer a versatile solution and adapt to existing duct routes, allowing for network expansion.

The RHI-NODE Range radically improves the security, cost, speed of deployment, and monitoring of Manholes for fibre networks


The first of its kind: a revolutionary camera-mounting system. The Camera-Den™ can halve installation time and reduce costs by up to 90%*, thanks to a truly innovative design. The Camera-Den™ mounts the camera separately to where it stores the cables of the CCTV security system. Other innovations include an installation method that makes initial installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting much easier. This CCTV junction box will change the way you install cameras.

*including labour

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