Celebrating 35 years in business

At the end of 2013, the Allbro Group celebrated its 35th year in business. Specialising in the manufacture of high quality non-metallic electric enclosures, transformer accessories, locks, hinges and insulators, the company employs over 300 factory-based staff. It was decided that the year-end function would take the form of a soccer day. This caused a lot of excitement and staff formed ten soccer teams kitted out in Allbro branded shirts, sporting their team colours. Lunch hours suddenly became a hive of team discussions about match day strategies and about who posed the biggest threat on opposing sides. In the end, it came down to the "Free State Stars" and the "Pirates" in the final. It was a hotly contested battle with both teams confirming that they deserved their place in the spectacle. In the end, it was a solitary goal from Misheck Munkhonda who won it for the "Free State Stars".



Electricity is a basic human right however, in South Africa there are still hundreds of thousands of people who do not have access to electricity in their homes.

Allbro, is one of South Africa's leading manufacturers of products used in the distribution of electricity for this sector.

The 'Loved One's of God Family Care Centre is a non- profitable organisation. They take care of old age pensioners, disability pensioners, low income families with children and the unemployed. The families stay in small wooden houses which are built on the property. They are in the process of building more homes as they currently have over a 180 people staying there, a number which is continuously increasing.

Allbro made a donation of Ready Boards to the centre. This enabled them to wire electricity to all of the dwellings on their property which will dramatically improve the lives of the residents. Allbro also donated Frisbee's which light up in the dark for the children as well as clothes for all the families.

This donation formed part of Allbro's 'Plugged In to our Communities' campaign which aims to fulfil people's basic human right for electricity.