The PSO-1 socket outlet box made by Allbro has been a familiar sight in homes and public spaces around south Africa for more than 40 years now.

The tried and tested little enclosure has proven itself in some of the harshest environments and has remained the outright industry standard in the face of numerous foreign products being offered.

While the trusty and familiar favourite PSO-1 will still be available for years to come there has been an increasing number of requests for the company to provide the option of an up market version.


Allbro has called its newest arrival -  “PSO-1 Stealth”

At first glance it is apparent that there is a dramatically different appearance. Looking more closely it becomes evident that the new product also has some noteworthy features that have been introduced.

PSO-1 Stealth has an IP level of 66 which means that it keeps the electrical socket dry with even when faced with a powerful water jet.

Stealth is also equipped with cams and a padlock point for applications that need to be secured.

The company believes that the most important feature that has been added is the “In wall mounting capability”.  By cutting the base on a cut line provided the base can be mounted precisely in the space of 2 standard bricks.

The use of GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) is very important because of the characteristics associated with the material. 

  • Mechanical strength of GRP does not deteriorate like plastic materials that become brittle when their molecular structure is compromised by UV exposure. 
  • There is also no deflection with high temperatures so the sealing of lid to base on these products remains predictable over long periods of time. 
  • The material does not ignite when it comes into contact with electrical circuits so it is not a fuel source for an electrical fire. (Glow wire 960 degree)
  • The impact resistance of the enclosure is IK10 so it does not break easily when bumped. 


Allbro has invested heavily in local design and toolmaking capabilities over the last 6 years. The result has been that the bulk of the company’s business now is generated from new products developed in this time. Local designs, local toolmaking, local material, and local manufacture make this product thoroughly South African.