Being a truly local company Allbro has been at the forefront of addressing some of the unique challenges associated with local electrification.

Connecting more than 12 million homes to the grid across what is often a very challenging landscape resulted in the creation of solutions that were unique and in some cases global firsts.

The additional challenge associated with many of the regions having harsh climates contributed to the development of robust and durable solutions that are different than what is typically found in Europe, where our local standards have originated from.

Split metering and pre-paid electricity were local innovations that needed housings which would address all the challenges already mentioned while also being cost effective.

Allbro is the largest producer of Ready Boards and Weatherproof pole top boxes in the world.

The latest innovation which is also a WORLD FIRST is a New Generation of expandable ready boards. The extremely basic single electricity point that was the standard over the last 20 years although effective did not allow for expansion into multiple rooms. The New Gen ready board has a port that allows for a “Room Extender” to be safely and simply deployed in a chain for up to 4 rooms where a light and 2 sockets are then available.

The room extender can be provided by the utility, or can be purchased in an after market scenario by the consumer and can be easily fitted as a sort of appliance.  

Another innovation that has captured tremendous attention since it was released at Africa utility week earlier this year is AllVault.

New Gen Ready Board Allvault



This “vault like” high security box that can withstand very high levels of abuse. ( )

As the value and complexity of equipment being deployed across vast geographical areas has increased there has been corresponding increased need to protect the function of these networks and devices. Lost revenues due to bypassing of meters amounts to vast sums of money that dwarf the cost of the physical infrastructure.

Allvault is designed to withstand high degrees of abuse.

The unique composite material was developed locally for manhole systems and is able to absorb the impact of hammers, chisels and axes among other things.

Intelligent locking systems allow the utility to monitor the behaviour of the technicians maintaining the network, further improving the integrity of the network and the security of the revenue.

Allbro employs over 800 people and has factory space of close to 20 000sqm. Competencies include:

  1. Raw Material compounding - 3900 Tons of raw material produced annually
  2. Design and development – Products are designed by our own team of mechanical engineers using the latest design tools.
  3. Tool Making – Moulds are made on site (some as large as 8 tons)
  4. Manufacturing to global quality standards ISO 9001
  5. Testing – Laboratory on site to verify ongoing compliance

With more than 100 million enclosures in service for as long as 40 years we have learned much from the real world environment in which these products are expected to perform.