It is a bold claim indeed to say that a South African manufacturer has the most advanced range of industrial enclosures in the world. While there is no enclosure world cup for the players to square off and prove such claims there are some features built into the DNA of this nations only homegrown range of Enclosures that would arguably make it worthy of holding up such a trophy if it existed. Not Steel The vast majority of electrical enclosures used in South Africa are coated mild steel. Standard off the shelf sizes used to be locally manufactured but the tide of low cost imported steel products…

More than a Box

Its business includes not only the manufacture of products, but also the design and manufacture of the actual tools that are used to mould the various parts. ‘Rapid advances in Camera and CCTV technology have left the supporting physical infrastructure, including the enclosures, in what seems like the dark ages’, says a company spokesperson. Most installers must grapple with general purpose electrical boxes in an attempt to create a mounting or connection setup that is respectable’. Allbro says it has solved this problem with the launch of the very first camera enclosure of its kind. Designed…

A South African Legacy – Upgraded

The PSO-1 socket outlet box made by Allbro has been a familiar sight in homes and public spaces around south Africa for more than 40 years now. The tried and tested little enclosure has proven itself in some of the harshest environments and has remained the outright industry standard in the face of numerous foreign products being offered. While the trusty and familiar favourite PSO-1 will still be available for years to come there has been an increasing number of requests for the company to provide the option of an up market version. Allbro has called its newest arrival -  “PSO-1 Stealth”…

South African enclosure manufacturer announces breakthrough high security enclosure

The value and complexity of equipment deployed across vast geographical areas has increased massively. The need to protect the function of these networks and devices has been met with all sorts of interesting ideas. Some challenges have been brilliantly overcome, but no solution has been able to completely address the convergence of the challenges that exist in this environment. Often-overlooked or forgotten challenges Vandalism: Due to the high value of enclosure content, bypassing a smart meter, disabling a surveillance system or simply stripping the contents for sale on the black market are…

40 years of local manufacture and local innovation

Being a truly local company Allbro has been at the forefront of addressing some of the unique challenges associated with local electrification. Connecting more than 12 million homes to the grid across what is often a very challenging landscape resulted in the creation of solutions that were unique and in some cases global firsts. The additional challenge associated with many of the regions having harsh climates contributed to the development of robust and durable solutions that are different than what is typically found in Europe, where our local standards have originated from. Split metering…

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